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  • Growth


    01. Septmber, 2006, Huizhou Plant of Guangdong Redwall into operation.

    02. October, 2007, Brone Statue of Senior Fellow Mr. Zhongwei Wu  founded in Guangdong 


    03. September, 2009, Introduced Guangdong Yueke Technology Venture Capital Group Co. Ltd

    04. November, 2009, Guangdong Redwall was identified as National High-tech enterprises.

    05. March, 2010, Redwall identified as Famous Brand in Guangdong Province.

    06. September,  2010, The Company Renamed as Guangdong Redwall new materials Ltd.

    07. November, 2010, introduced a famous venture capital enterprises and Registered 

          capital enlarge to 60 million RMB.

    08. May, 2011, Guangdong Redwall was elected as Famous Enterprises in Guangdong province.

    09. November, 2011 ,Redwall was approved as Famous Product(industry) in Guanddong province.

    10. April, 2012, Guangdong Redwall President(Mr.Lianjun Liu) granted as Outstanding 

          Entrepreneurs in Guangdong province by Guangdong enterprises union and business 


    11. June 2012, Guangdong Redwall was Outstanding contribution enterprise rated by Guangdong 

          building industry Association, china.

    12. June ,2012, Guangdong Redwall got Bank credit more than 200 million RMB.

    13. September, 2012. Guangxi Redwall verified as National High-tech enterprises.

    14. Guangdong Redwall was verified in April, 2013 as Corporate tax revenue Top 100 in 

          Huizhou city, Guangdong province; Corporate tax revenue Top 10 of Private  enterprises 

          in Huizhou city, Guangdong province.

    15. July, 2013. Guangxi Redwall was identified as ‘Concrete admixture engineering development 

          center of Qinzhou city, Guangxi Autonomous region ’

    16. August, 2013. Guangxi Redwall was identified as enterprise technology center of Guangxi 

          Autonomous region.

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